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Water Damage Repair & Restoration

We will handle every step of the water damage restoration process for you!

Water Damage Repair & Restoration│Tuscaloosa│ Northport│ Alabama │Hewtep
Water is very destructive and can demolish just about anything in its path. When it penetrates your home or building, it can cause damage behind the walls you can’t see resulting in long term damage. It is essential to get the water out of your home or structure as soon as possible to begin the drying out process. Leaving water damage untreated results in the formation of thousands of strands of bacteria and mold that will most assuredly start growing immediately!At Hewtep, we specialize in water restoration from all types of water damage such as broken pipes, flooded basements or leaks as a result of large volumes of rain.We urge you to act quickly as we want to help save as much of your property as possible. In the case of a water event, we need to move quickly to extract the water, dry out the home or business structure, and rebuild or repair your home or business, quickly and professionally.

We are prepared to handle the smallest to the largest catastrophe from sewer backups, storm damage, flooding, appliance overflows, leaking pipes and leaking utilities!


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Home restoration│ Before & After Pictures │Tuscaloosa│ Northport│ Alabama │Hewtep
Home restoration│ Before & After Pictures │Tuscaloosa│ Northport│ Alabama │Hewtep

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