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Fire Restoration

We will handle every step of the fire restoration process for you!

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As a premier fire restoration company in the Southeast, we are available 24/7 to respond to you in your time of need. We know this is a devastating experience and realize that this is when you need a professional with experience to take over the rebuilding of your home or building in coordination with your insurance company.  No matter how big or small your loss, we will take care of you like you are one of our own. From initially working with the local fire department and securing the structure, to protecting any assets involved on the day of the fire, to handing over your keys to your beautiful new home or building after the rebuild.

Call us immediately at 205-344-4444! We will board up and secure the structure and our professionals will help you make decisions on the packing, content cleaning and smoke/odor removal process. We want to help you make the best decisions since this is one or your biggest life investments.

The reconstruction phase is a very important step and every detail is important. We are passionate about getting it right for you! One disaster is enough to deal with…our team of professionals have knowledge about the construction process that is second to none, based on dependable, first-class craftsmanship! Our daily commitment to customer care and satisfaction continues to forge lasting relationships with our customers, who in turn spread the word about us to their friends and family.

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“Creating Lifetime Relationships”

Hewtep, Inc. is an award winning general contractor specializing in all aspects of building construction. Our services include insurance repairs, custom home building, remodeling and commercial construction. Serving Tuscaloosa, Northport, Cottondale, Lake Tuscaloosa, Gordo and the surrounding areas.


In 2013, firefighters in the United States responded to an estimated 1.24 million fires, 387,000 of which occurred in residential structures, 100,500 in nonresidential structures, and 752,500 in non-structural or outside fires. These fires accounted for an estimated 3,240 deaths, 2,785 of which occurred in residential structures, 70 in nonresidential structures, and 385 in fires outside of structures.

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Click Here for information on “After the Fire” a publication offered by FEMA

Hewtep earns an A Rating from our Happy Customers!

Here’s just one example on Angie’s List…

Angie’s List Review on Hewtep, Inc.

Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A

Member: Jimmie G., Northport, AL

Categories: Builders-Homes; Water & Smoke Damage

Work Completed Date: September 12, 2012

Approximate Cost: $7,000

Description of Work: On August the 5th of this year, my family experienced a grease fire in our kitchen, very scary but no one was injured. I contacted my insurance company and was given a list of five approved contractors that could assist with getting things back to normal. I did some research online at the BBB and with Angie’s List and based on the information that I found at these websites, I chose a local company, Hewtep Inc. I was promptly contacted by Hewtep and an appointment was scheduled. Their representative was on time for the appointment and was very helpful in explaining the scope of the repairs and in providing options for getting the repairs rolling. The work involved re-facing and painting the cabinets in the kitchen, replacing the countertop/sink and replacing a destroyed range and microwave. Also, due to the smoke damage in the rest of the house, extensive repainting was done. Also our deck had to be replaced as it was the recipient of the pan of burning grease that I threw out the back door.

Hire Again: Yes

Member Comments: To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an under-statement. In particular, Hewtep and their representative, Larry were just outstanding in the quality of their work and in their overall professionalism. They were always on time, worked hard while they were here and conducted themselves as gentlemen. Also, the numerous subcontractors did an outstanding job which included the plumbers, the painters, the cabinet makers, the carpenters and the countertop people. I was especially impressed by their insistence on being sure that the work met high standards and if it did not, they did not hesitate to make it right! I would recommend this company to anyone who has a need for home repairs, remodeling or additions and would hire them again.