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Emergency Services

24/hr Emergency Services │Board-Ups│Water Mitigation │ Roofing Emergencies│Tuscaloosa│ Northport│ Alabama │HewtepHewtep is trusted by insurance agents, insurance adjusters and local fire and police departments to respond to emergency situations.

We can help! Quickly!

  • Board-Ups: Call on Hewtep’s emergency team to board up and secure your home or business after a fire, storm, natural disaster, break-in or many other emergency situations arising from various mishaps at home or at work.
  • Water Mitigation: If you have standing water, the first step is to call Hewtep ASAP to reduce further damage. It is essential to act quickly in emergency situations and we can not only extract the water but also rebuild the structure to its original condition.
  • Roofing Emergencies: Missing shingles, tree branches on your roof? Call us! We will remove the debris, secure the structure and tarp the roof to help prevent further damage.

We are Trusted…

Hewtep is licensed, bonded and insured in addition to being locally family owned. We take pride in our ability to reduce our customer’s stress in a tragedy with our team of courteous, compassionate professionals. We will do our best to rebuild your home or business to its original condition as swiftly and efficiently as we possibly can with excellent communication every step of the way!


Trustworthy, Reliable and Hardworking!
We will help put your life back together quickly and efficiently!

 Home restoration│ Before & After Pictures │Tuscaloosa│ Northport│ Alabama │Hewtep
 Home restoration│ Before & After Pictures │Tuscaloosa│ Northport│ Alabama │Hewtep

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